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what is PckitUp?

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introducing PckitUp, the world’s first residential on-demand junk collection service.

the days of having to wait weekly to let your junk build up in your cans outside of your beautiful home is long gone! when you place an order with PckitUp, we will send one of our fully pre-vetted agents directly to your trash cans in just a few short hours!  

PckitUp offers you solutions that your normal trash pickup doesn’t.

here is the PckitUp difference:

  • on-demand junk collection service

  • unlimited pickups with membership subscription

  • eliminates rigid pick up schedule and rules

  • provide service to alleys and private driveways!

  • no monthly or annual contracts

  • frequency determined by customers

  • available on holidays

  • a solution to increased household junk needs

solution-based approach to an ongoing dilemma.

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trash managment

envisioned as the Uber of junk removal, the concept rests on the belief that consumers, who have choice and flexibility in nearly every other facet of their lives, are subject to rigid schedules and increasingly complex junk collection regimens.  PckitUp ushers in the era of flexibility in junk collection services.

PckitUp empowers customers with the opportunity to dispose of excessive waste with a few clicks on their smart phone.

the PckitUp technology platform connects customers with nearby PckitUp agents. no contracts, no waiting, and no hassles. we are extremely excited to provide this service as a solution to the world’s population and waste surge.  join us in our quest to combat excessive waste and refuse.

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waste managment

social responsibility and collective involvement.

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so, for the past 7 years I've been supplementing my income as an on-demand driver, and I must admit having to deal with customers in my car has been very challenging. PckitUp allows me to continue making money with my car, but without the customer backseat hassle. this business model fits me perfectly.

TJ Holmes - PckitUp agent

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