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born in the usa
bred in nashville
shaped by innovation...

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who we are

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PckitUp provides a technology-mediated on-demand service for consumers to dispose of their household junk by connecting them to independent agents. described as the 'Uber of junk removal', the concept rests on the belief that consumers have choice and flexibility in nearly every other facet of their lives, yet they are subject to rigid schedules and increasingly complex garbage collection regimens.

founded and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, PckitUp is guided by eco-friendly and social impact tenets. PckitUp is on mission to optimize junk removal in ways that improve consumer satisfaction, compliment existing city services, and support environmental consciousness. the social impact focus of PckitUp is to create sustainable jobs even during economic downturns while contributing a fraction of its profit towards supporting local charities and organizations in the communities it serves.

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"garbage is the part of your history you don't want your family to know about"
                                               Vik Muniz

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