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be a boss and an environmental

Agent Page

over the last year, we have experienced a global event that has adversely impacted economies around the world, specifically job growth and creation. we are proud of the fact that our ideas and offerings help alleviate the vacuum created from the global pandemic crisis. PckitUp presents the opportunity for individuals to regain control of their financial predicament through our platform.

agents can operate in a full-time/part-time capacity at their own convenience. all you need to get started is a smartphone (IOS/Android), valid Drivers license and a vehicle for pickups. as a PckitUp Agent, your earning potential is only limited by the amount of pick ups you service!

getting started

agent driving

managing and mitigating  the increased trash production requires collective participation.

how does PckitUp work for me as an agent?


step 1: apply to be a PckitUp agent and get approved.

becoming an agent
Happy Driver in front of truck-min.webp

financial freedom and social responsibility.

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