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tired of waiting for the next pick up?

Customer Page
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how many times have you had parties, received packages or recovered from holidays that have resulted in an unplanned surge in garbage and refuse. it's safe to say, we all have weekly scheduled trash pick ups, but fort many, that has proven to be inadequate.

PckitUp was conceived to address the need to pick up and dispose of all the excess and unplanned garbage which has surged over the years. a
ll you need to get started is a smartphone (IOS/Android) and a bag of trash for pickup. no one likes seeing an overflowing trash can!


getting started

place your PckitUp orders anytime for pickups anywhere. convenience at its best.

how does PckitUp work for me as a customer?


step 1: download the app on your device.

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becoming a customer

de-clutter, manage and shrink your carbon footprint.

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