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frequently asked questions

as a customer, how can i get access to PckitUp's service?

all you need to do is download our customer app on your IOS or android smart phone and register. with the app on your phone, you can easily request to have a driver come to your location to pick up your garbage and recycling, super simple!

how can i sign up to be a PckitUp agent?

simple download the app from the app store or google play, then sign up, get approved, and you are ready to go.

how often do you pick up my trash?

this is a true on-demand service, which means the frequency and time is all up to you. just schedule the garbage pickup and consider it gone.

do i need to wait for an agent to pick up my garbage?

no need to wait for the agent to pick up your trash. simply schedule the pickup, and place the trash in an agreed upon location. once the trash has been removed, you will get a notification that the task is complete on your PckitUp app

would i need to sign a contract?

no contract, no upfront costs, no hassle. you pay per transaction which is transparent to both you and the driver. super easy

what kinds of waste do you handle?

we handle basic household trash, recycling, home hazardous waste, and yard waste. just let us know on that app and we’ll handle the rest.

FAQ Page
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this is a novel idea that's among the first of its kind, so we expect lots of questions regarding our operations and offerings. please take the time to review our frequently asked questions list. and if you still can't find an answer to your specific question, feel free to send it in below, we'll do our best to respond immediately. 


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questions and answers
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