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more people...
more transactions...
more junk...

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The population explosion and increased carbon footprint has resulted in an overwhelming surge in waste. Households are in dire need of a supplemental garbage and recycling collection service to complement existing city services in order to keep up with the new pace of global consumption.

The surge in population has also created a significant job and income creation strain globally. It has become increasingly challenging to find sustainable work at compensation levels that are adequate enough to support individual household economics.


solution-based approach to an ongoing dilemma.

Introducing PckitUp, the world’s first residential on-demand garbage and recycling collection service. PckitUp empowers customers with the opportunity to dispose of excessive waste with a few clicks on their smart phone.

The PckitUp technology platform connects customers with nearby PckitUp agents. No contracts, no waiting, and no hassles. We are extremely excited to provide this service as a solution to the world’s population and waste surge.  Join us in our quest to combat excessive waste and refuse.

New Agent App Pic.jpg

social responsibility and collective involvement.

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