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How to bring your ideas into reality

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

A great idea can change the world. But only if you can make it happen.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing had a fantastic idea. After the death of his best friend at school, Turing dreamed of machines that “think” like a human. As a student at Cambridge, Turing pioneered the mathematics of logic machines. As a codebreaker in WW2, he built the first calculating machine. Over decades of work, Alan Turing turned his idea into reality, and invented the modern computer.

Alan Turing’s idea changed the world.

Your idea might do the same. But only if you can turn it into a reality. It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world. You have a Eureka! idea so good you just know it’s going to change the world. Maybe it’s a song lyric, or the story for a film, or a great new idea in philosophy, or a brand new product.

A few days pass. Then a few weeks, months, and years.

And the idea never happens.

Thinkers, philosophers, artists and mystics have written millions of words on the mysteries of creativity. But it doesn’t have to be quite that mysterious. Here are just five ideas to help you through to making your own ideas a reality.

Win Your Independence

It’s hard to be creative while doing everything your parents tell you to, or spending 9-5 every day working at the same job. As creators we need independence. That doesn’t mean living like a hermit in a cave with no money! But successful creators do set boundaries in relationships that give them freedom to create, and seek employment that leaves time and flexibility for their own projects.

Conquer Your Fears

New ideas are powerful, but that also makes them scary. If you write that bestselling novel, your life will change, and not always in good ways. So every great idea faces one huge barrier - FEAR! If you’ve ever spent a whole day sharpening your pencils instead of writing, that kind of procrastination is a way of avoiding creative fear. As soon as you notice your fears, you have everything you need to overcome them.

Gather Your Resources

Great ideas need time, money and expertise if they’re going to become real. Which ones are you missing? If you need more time, think about taking a part-time job. If you lack money, look into Kick-starting your project to fans. Find mentors, study courses, read books. Do whatever you need to do to gather all the resources your idea requires.

Marshal Your Determination

Big ideas are fun to dream of, and great when they are done, but the path in between means only one thing. Hard work. Dedication and perseverance are the only things that will get you through. Some days you will seem to take three steps back for every step forward. On the worst days, you will be certain of failure. But just remember one thing - the only failure is not finishing. If you can just cross the finish line, you win.

And finally. Believe.

Some people believe in god. Others do not. But everybody who has ever brought a great idea into the world believed that success, goodness and love are true. This is the hardest thing. Because many people believe in fear, and so create a lot of suffering in the world, for themselves and others. The best answer to fear and suffering in the world, is the strength of our belief in good. With that strength, we can do anything.

Have courage in the face of fear, and carve your own path.


Kunle Abidoye

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